Academic Portals

Get your school a website and portal that performs critical tasks. Handle academic tasks with ease. Sample School Website Portal Demo Portal Pricing

Key Features

  • 1. Dynamic and interactive website
  • 2. Beautiful and customizable UI/UX to represent the School
  • 3. A Dynamic Custom Dashboard will help direct users with various privileges to specific portal aspects.
  • 4. Safe and Secure (Site security installed) with minimal third party interference
  • 5. Data Management System with varied privilege settings applicable to various sections.
    This allows administrators, staff, students or other stakeholders to access and perform activities that are only related to their levels.
  • 6. Multiple levels of security for data entry or for managing, approving and sharing information through the portal.
  • 7. Fully functional webmail Service and SMS integration on demand
  • 8. Online Schooling with VLE(Virtual Learning Environment), CBT (Computer Based Tests), Integrated School Library, various Lessons, Assignments etc.
  • 9. Virus and Hacker protection Services
  • 10. Hosting, Backup, Technical support fully handled by Plasma CGS

Academic Portals!

Academic portals represents and carries out school activities beyond the physical location of the school. The portal is a reliable, safe and secure web-based application that makes managing of schools data, staff and students easy and available across varied devices online.

Now you can get your School Portal ready and up within a weeks notice and compliance to terms. A School Portal that will meet your exacting demands.

Features of the School Portal include – Student and Staff Registration, Personal Access Pages, Result Entry, Viewing and Printing, Web Mails, Content Management System, Administrative Tools amongst others.
And it comes with a ready school website.

Key Benefits to School

• Automation of Manual Processes

• Speedy and Accurate Results, Computation and Compilation

• Improves Decision making for Management

• Student conveniences extended beyond the classroom.

• Reduction of operating costs, savings on time and efforts.

• Can be used to generate fund for school.

• Universal Access Point (Since it is online)

• Workload Reduced

Sample School Website Portal Demo Portal Pricing